6 tips for pregnancy and preparing your pelvic floor for a strong birth

1. Exercise throughout your pregnancy – this will keep your body fit and strong and improve not only your experience through pregnancy, but also your recovery.  Did you know that exercise guidelines for frequency and duration do not change when you fall pregnant?

2. Prepare the passage – get your pelvic floor checked by a women’s health physio.  Begin perineal massage from 35 weeks.

3. Keep up your pelvic floor exercises, as prescribed by your women’s health physio.

4. Keep the birth canal strong but flexible with a combination of strength and flexibility exercises.  Stretches such as child’s pose and pigeon stretch can be very helpful.

5. If you suffer from pelvic girdle pain, manage it early so you can remain active throughout your pregnancy.  A women’s health physio will build a plan that works for you.

6. Eat well during and after pregnancy – the right nutrition is important for optimal recovery and to help avoid constipation.