Meet our team

Simone Szabo

founder & head Physiotherapist
Since having her children, Simone has developed a passion for all things Women’s health, adoption a holistic and empathetic approach to everyone she sees.  With over 15 years experience, including a strong background in musculoskeletal and sports Physiotherapy, Simone has undertaken extensive training in the Field of Women’s Health.
Simone strongly believes all women should have access to the knowledge that will allow them to make informed choices, and love guiding women back to what they love to do following birth, surgery and menopause affected tissue changes.

Taryn Katz

Senior Physiotherapist

Taryn joins our Women’s & Men’s Health Matters team after 19 years as Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy.

She has studied and worked extensively in the area of Women’s and Men’s Health and has worked in both public and private hospitals in the maternity and gynaecology departments. Taryn is a qualified Childbirth Educator and Pilates Instructor.

Jennie Whitaker

Senior Physiotherapist

Jennie has had a keen interest in Women’s Health since early in her career, being involved with both education and clinical management of per and postnatal women.

As a qualified Childbirth Educator, Jennie headed up the Women’s Health Physiotherapy care team at Hornsby Hospital for many years.

Since moving to private practice, she has been fortunate to be able to follow her passion for Women’s Health, and expand her knowledge and skills in this specialised area.

Kate Roberts

Practice Manager

Kate is the driving force that ensures all our clinics and teams are working together harmoniously.  You might catch a glimpse of her around one of our clinics ensuring that our quality of service is at its highest standard.  

As our resident super woman and head of administration, you’ll find her doing anything from making sure our website is up to date, making sure that all things behind the scene are in check, and you might catch her changing washers on the taps or changing light bulbs!